Wisdom tells me I am nothing, love tells me I am everything. Between the two, my life flows.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

High Priestess ROSE

TITLE: High Priestess, Heart of Menphina
PRONOUNS: She/Her/Hers
SEXUALITY: Pansexual, masc lean
BOOKING FEE: 250,000 Gil per hour
NSFW? When the mood strikes

Services Offered

HEALING She is not the most adept white mage, yet as a conduit of the Maiden, Rose heals through heightened emotions of love and joy, and at times through intimacy.ORACLE READINGS Blessed by the Maiden, Rose divines guidance for those who seek it through the use of pictured cards that are far more macabre than one might expect from such a bright soul. Be warned, her visions often cut to the heart of matters with blunt precision.PHOTOGRAPHY When not moved by love, Rose is a being of creativity. She enjoys capturing meaningful moments and imagery that explore the full range of the human experience. For more information on Rose's creative endeavors, click here.COMPANIONSHIP On occasion, Rose will entertain such a request, be it for the sake of comforting a weary soul or partaking in carnal worship.

About the Heart of Menphina

Her name is known in many circles, some far less favorably than others, and yet so few scratch upon the truth. To find that, one needs must venture to the Temple of Menphina. Once the High Priestess, this young Viera lives and breathes for those within her flock. Now the Heart of Menphina, her confidence and skill in who she is and what she does has grown by leaps and bounds. Blessed by the Maiden, few understand what this truly means. Is she some nefarious cult leader or has Menphina truly touched her youthful soul?

What do you love about yourself?



TITLE: Prioress
SEXUALITY: Pansexual
BOOKING FEE: 100,000 Gil per hour (200,000 for off hours)

Services Offered

SFW COMPANIONSHIP Snow is a good ear for intimate conversations, spiritual counseling, theology, or philosophy. Or good old-fashioned relationship advice borne from a few too many years of experience.HEALING A guild-trained Conjurer, with her own flair for aetherical manipulation, Snow can at least attempt to heal anything she comes across. Bruises that need a massage, illnesses that need a tea, treating adventuring injuries, all the way up to diagnosing curses. Whether through a simple healing session or a ritual, Snow will find a way to help.ORACLE READINGS Snow can read the cards or the runes for insight into your past, present, and future.RITUALIST Need a ritual crafted? Whether for healing, worship, conferring a blessing, marking a special occasion, Snow can help create a unique magickal or spiritual experience.

About Prioress Snowthistle

Snow has been a devout of Menphina for decades, and she has always tried to apply the ideas of love, openness, and truly seeing another person for who they are. Her devotion became formalized on finding the Temple and taking her vows. Now that she has access to texts and doctrine, Snow is trying to devour as much information as she can, and spread Menphina's messages farther. She is a Temple Theologian, regularly writing and delivering sermons for Worship Hours.Kind, compassionate, curious, friendly.. and perhaps too socially adept. Snow is someone who can walk up to anyone and start a conversation, and lend them a caring ear in return. She is a healer, an accomplished Conjurer. And she has had many years of training as a companion, escort, the many terms for a server to pleasure. The two sides blend to give her an outgoing curiosity about people, and an ability to read people well. Her manners are well-practiced, and she is exceptionally good at doing the social dance, playing the game of interactions, where there is a more cautious social game afoot. Friendliness and outgoingness, balanced with a few too many years spent in Ul'Dah.Snow is utterly devoted to her lover, Yukito Miyamoto. Her love and inspiration, the other half of herself, who she enjoys walking the path of life hand in hand with. But it doesn't stop her from seeing wonder in beauty in all. However, her services to the Temple remain platonic.To love, openly, recklessly, unapologetically. It's what Snow strives for, and how she tries to treat everyone she comes across.

You are a perfect creation of the Goddess, and imbued with her divine spark. Never let anyone make you feel otherwise.


Community Outreach TAKESHI

TITLE: Director of Community Outreach, Priest, Menphina's Gentleman
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
BOOKING FEE: 250,000 Gil per hour
NSFW? Yes.

Services Offered

COMPANIONSHIP SFW/NSFW/BDSM, with a special talent for soft domming and very passionate, tender loving.THEOLOGIAN Willing to teach more in depth about Menphina or have deeper discussions on the nature of love.ORACLE Card readings and I-Ching.RITUALIST Willing to meet your ritual needs, particularly for bonding ceremonies and the like.

About Menphina's Gentleman

Of sharp suit and sharper wit, Takeshi is a carefree soul with a flirty attitude. Born poor and orphaned, he rose above his rough upbringing by delving into the prizefighting circuits of Ul'dah - legal or otherwise - in search of great coin and greater glory. Nowdays, he is fiercely devoted to Menphina, all the love in his life a permanent reminder that she has him on her graces, and fueling his desire to share those blessings to those around him.A proud gentleman, Takeshi will do everything in his power to make his company feel as special as they deserve, be it over a round of drinks, down on the dance floor, or in the midst of torrid, sensual love.

Life needs risks! After all, without it we wouldn't have everything we do now!


Priestess MASUMI

TITLE: Priestess of Menphina
SEXUALITY: Pansexual
BOOKING FEE: 150,000 Gil per hour

Services Offered

TEA READINGS She'll gladly read what you seek, or what you wish to learn about yourself. Just ask a simple question, and await answers.OFF HOUR COMPANIONSHIP NSFW and SFW available for off hour companionship.COMPANIONSHIP NSFW and SFW available companionship during temple hours.GAMES Whether it be a gamble, or perhaps just a fun game, she'll gladly play!

About Priestess Masumi

She is a gambling addict who tends to enjoy being good company. She doesn't mind normal chat, but offer her a game or two and she'll gladly accept the challenge, big or small!