Wisdom tells me I am nothing, love tells me I am everything. Between the two, my life flows.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

High Priestess ROSE


TITLE: High Priestess, Heart of Menphina
PRONOUNS: She/Her/Hers
SEXUALITY: Pansexual, masc lean
BOOKING FEE: 250,000 Gil per hour
NSFW? When the mood strikes

Services Offered

HEALING She is not the most adept white mage, yet as a conduit of the Maiden, Rose heals through heightened emotions of love and joy, and at times through intimacy.ORACLE READINGS Blessed by the Maiden, Rose divines guidance for those who seek it through the use of pictured cards that are far more macabre than one might expect from such a bright soul. Be warned, her visions often cut to the heart of matters with blunt precision.PHOTOGRAPHY When not moved by love, Rose is a being of creativity. She enjoys capturing meaningful moments and imagery that explore the full range of the human experience. For more information on Rose's creative endeavors, click here.COMPANIONSHIP On occasion, Rose will entertain such a request, be it for the sake of comforting a weary soul or partaking in carnal worship.

About the Heart of Menphina

Her name is known in many circles, some far less favorably than others, and yet so few scratch upon the truth. To find that, one needs must venture to the Temple of Menphina. Once the High Priestess, this young Viera lives and breathes for those within her flock. Now the Heart of Menphina, her confidence and skill in who she is and what she does has grown by leaps and bounds. Blessed by the Maiden, few understand what this truly means. Is she some nefarious cult leader or has Menphina truly touched her youthful soul?